Friday, July 13, 2012

The Return Of The Toolwatch Reduced To The Max

The Return Of The Toolwatch
–Reduced To The Max–

Bulibeer Goes Back to the Future

As the editor and publisher of Jake's Rolex World, people often ask me why I have invested so much of my life energy in researching and publishing Rolex history and news and design analysis? I do it because I am so passionate about Timeless Design, and because I have been fascinated with Rolex for the last 30 years!!!

Also, I think the vast majority of books and magazine articles about Rolex history, are boring and lame!!! Seriously!!! If you are a daily reader of Jake's Rolex World, you know that I am also its biggest fan. In other words, often after I have published new stories, I just go cruising around Jake's Rolex World as a reader, and I often get happily lost in magnificent Rolex history jungle.

The challenge is I have to basically have to roll my own Rolex content to enjoy it, but rarely, and I mean very rarely, I will come across a gem I really enjoy and learn from. Today I am very pleased to share a link with you to another Rolex blog which is published by my pal Bernhard. Bernhard publishes 100PERCENT-Rolex [The blog for Rolex Passionado's]. 

I need to preface sharing this story with you, with another anecdote. I remember when I first began blogging about Rolex almost 5 years ago, there were no other Rolex blogs. I was actually hesitant to start a blog about Rolex because I thought I might run out of things to share...boy was I wrong!!! Anyway, I used to spend a lot of time on different Rolex forums all over the web. I even got banned from for posting too many pictures of celebrities wearing Rolex watches!?!?!, which explains whey I started Jake's Rolex World.

I remember when I started seriously checking out different Rolex forums, being confused about all the esoteric and often arcane nomenclature. Terms and acronyms like WIS (Watch Idiot Savant), Guilt dials, Maxi Markers, SEL (Solid End Links), Big Crown, Coronet, Tool Watch, Supercase, Pepsi GMT, Coke GMT, Rootbeer GMT...It took me a long time to make heads or tails of the secret language that Rolex aficionados speak, so I have to warn you before I send you to enjoy reading Bernhard's article. Bernhard speaks the most fluent Rolexspeak, which might be a little confusing, and that is not a bad thing. 

Basically Bernhard is a like a third or fourth degree blackbelt in Rolex collecting and knowledge, and yes I know some of the absolute Zen master's of Rolex collecting that are like 100th degree Rolex black belts. I realize I am the worlds leading Rolex historian, but there is rarely a day that goes by, where I don't learn something new about Rolex history and detail, and that of course is what makes it so absolutely interesting.

Bernhard's fascinating article/review discusses whey he is in LOVE or LUST with his new all-stainless steel Rolex Submariner [Reference 114060], which is an all-new Rolex model. Berhnard typically only loves vintage Rolex watches "because vintage watches have so much style, individual looks and character" Bernhard compares and contrasts the all-new Rolex Submariner 114060 with many of the vintage Rolex Submariner's and draws some amazing conclusions. Enjoy!!! I know I did, and if you get a little confused, by his RolexSpeak or parlance, don't worry, in time you will learn all–Grasshopper...