Friday, February 19, 2016

David Bowie Departure

Saying Goodbye To Starman

David Bowie

Usually on Jake's Rolex World I am talking about vintage Rolex watches, or Magazine Ads, or something Rolex related, and I will ultimately end up taking about Rolex in this post, but first I want to share something personal with you.

When David Bowie passed away on January 10, 2016, I was completely stunned!!!?! I always thought David Bowie looked so great for his age, and like so many people his departure caught me off-gaurd. I grew up on so much great David Bowie music, and when I learned of his passing, it felt like a part of me died.

Ironically, on January 18, 2016, eight short days later, I learned that founding Eagles band member, Glen Frey passed away. Once again, I was shocked. I'll talk a little more about Glen Frey at the end of this article.

On February 4, 2016, I learned that NASA Apollo Astronaut, Dr. Edgar Mitchell passed-away. Dr. Mitchell is a fascinating character in Rolex history, because he wore two Rolex GMT-Master watches on his Apollo Mission to the Moon, which make him the sixth man to walk on the moon.  

The photo above shows Dr. Mitchell as setting two Rolex GMT-Master watches, as he prepared to take off for the moon on his Apollo 14 Mission.

The photo above shows him wearing his Rolex GMT watches on Apollo 14. The photo below shows Dr. Mitchell after he returned from the Moon, and was being held in quarantine, while still wearing his Rolex GMT. In the photos below he is sorting through moon rocks he brought back.

On Feb 7, 2016, Audi aired an amazing Super Bowl 50 commercial for the Audi R8. The story line featured a long retired NASA Apollo Astronaut who is bored out of his mind, and his son takes him for a drive in his Audi R8, and causes him to Deja Vu out. I saw this commercial live during the Super Bowl, and it blew my mind when I heard David Bowie's Starman song begin playing in the background. It literally sent shivers down my spine.

Here is where things get really interesting and mysterious! Dr. Edgar Mitchell is featured below in 2013 giving a talk on UFOs. Dr. Mitchell went to his grave believing that UFO's are real as he articulates in the video below.

Back To Bowie

I included several David Bowie music videos below that feature some of my favorite Bowie songs.

I mentioned earlier in this article that Glen Frey's passing also shocked me. I was such a huge fan of The Eagles, and I remember when they got back together in 1994, after having been broken up for two decades for their "Hell Freezes Over" Concert Tour, tripping on how great Glen Frey looked. Glen Frey is featured in this video wearing the black t-shirt.