Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Amelia Earhart Mystery New Evidence Suggests She Survived Crash-Landing

Amelia Earhart Mystery

New Evidence Suggests She Survived Crash-Landing

What happened to Amelia Earhart? This to date has been one of the most intriguing unanswered questions of the 20th century—right up there with the question of who actually shot JFK? This mystery may have been solved, and it all has to do with this newly discovered spy photo seen below, which came from the United States National Archives. I think it is an absolute fluke this photo was found, and I also believe it was overlooked, because nobody else recognized Amelia in the photo. In other words, the researchers found a needle in a haystack, that was hiding in plain sight, but almost completely escaped detection.

Original ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence) photo: 
PL-Marshall Islands, Jaluit Atoll, Jaluit Island. ONI #14381 Jaluit Harbor.

The newly discovered photo below from the United State National Archives shows a female who looks a lot like Amelia Earhart, as well as a man who looks like her navigator, Fred Noonan. 

If you look closely on the far right side of the photo pictured below, you can see an airplane being towed in the water behind the Japanese towing barge named "Koshu". The airplane when measured to scale is approximately 38 feet long, which is the exact length of Amelia Earhart's airplane.

I saw some evidence once, that lead me to believe that perhaps Amelia Earhart wore a Rolex watch at one point in her later flying history. I'm still investigating this possibility, but in the meantime, this is one fascinating historical mystery story—that might send shivers down your spine when you watch the video below. The History Channel is airing a special 2 hour documentary this Sunday evening at 9PM EST on all the latest evidence on what happened to Amelia Earhart.

So as a historian I can't help but wonder what the truth is, so I thought I would examine several interesting pieces of this history puzzle. First lets take a look at the photo below which was one of the last photos taken of Amelia Earhart. It was taken on June 30, 1937 just after Amelia Earhart arrived at Lae, in New Guinea. 

In the collage I created below, we see on of the last knows photo of Amelia Earhart on the right, next to the recently discovered photo taken in the Marshall Islands. 

Now look at the image below where I put a green line that follows the unusual flat back of Amelia's hairstyle. Compare this image with the image above. The person pictured in the Marshall Islands photo almost has to be the same. If you don't believe me, try and find a photo of ANY other woman on earth how has a unique headshape/haircut that looks like this?

There are so many similarities it is crazy. For instance, Amelia had a very long torso, and she wore high rise slacks, but she wore them kind of low, which is a perfect match in both photos.