Wednesday, August 16, 2017




All-New Article From

My good friend and fellow historian, Jose from Perezcope just published an amazing new article named, "ALL SINGLE RED SEA-DWELLERS, SIDE BY SIDE", which is exactly that, a detailed comparison of every known Single Red SEA-DWELLER. Jose and I have been talking about this article for some time now, and to finally see it and read it, is AWESOME!!! Below is a graphic from Jose's article, that shows the 11 known examples of Single Red SEA-DWELLER models, along with Philippe-Pierre Cousteau's Double Red SEA-DWELLER which likely began its life as a Single Red, but received a replacement dial from Rolex. These 11-12 models are so rare, today they are probably worth around $750,000 each. Are there undocumented Single Red prototypes out there? Probably, and you can bet that if and when they surface, Jose will add them to his growing database.

A Dozen Known Examples Of Ultra Rare Rolex Single Red SEA-DWELLER Prototype Models Pictured Above

Jose and I worked together extensively on his most recent poster titled, "History Of The Rolex SEA-DWELLER: Rolex's Conquest Of The Ocean", which can be seen below in its finished form. Just to be clear, I contributed all of my knowledge, and a great teal of feedback on the layout details, but Jose did 100% of the graphics on the poster, so I really played a small role compared to Jose.

In working with Jose, I have learned so much from him. Jose is basically what I call a "Horological Forensics Expert", and I remember the first time he told me "Data never lies". As a matter of fact, the reason Jose began making detailed timelines, was not because he wanted to make the most awesome Rolex and Panerai poster, but because he wanted to plot all of the data he had collected on these watches. Some of his findings in his article are really deep and insightful.

Since Jose is an advanced graphic artist who tends to pay a tremendous amount of attention to detail, he quickly noticed how beautiful his timelines were, and realized he really was created a work of art, as seen in the poster above. Be sure to check out Jose's story that features and documents all known Single Red SEA-DWELLERS...

On a side note, I have been keeping a diary of observations on the all-new 2017 Single Red SEA-DWELLER, which is an homage of sorts to the original Single Red SEA-DWELLER. I say 'homage of sorts', as Rolex is quick to point out the all-new model is not an homage, per se, but a modern interpretation of the SEA-DWELLER which has a historical nod to The 50th Anniversary of the Rolex SEA-DWELLER.