Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Hunters of the Deep: Rolex Submariner's First Movie Appearance

A Note from Jake: This is a really exciting story from our Captain Danny, and it's particularly on-point as 2024 represents the 70th Anniversary of Rolex's official launch of their now super iconic Rolex Submariner. As a matter of fact, throughout 2024 we will be hopping in the Rolex Time Machine and taking a fascinating look back at the Genesis of the Submariner and explore previously undocumented Rolex history.








The Rolex Submariner was featured in a movie for the first time in 1954, in Ben Chapman's “Hunters of the Deep,” a full two years before “The Silent World” by Jacques Cousteau. The discovery was first made by Nick Gould.

The documentary, which features for the first time on camera the most iconic Rolex ever made, was narrated by actor and Oscar nominee Dan O'Herlihy (Robinson Crusoe). 

Excerpt: A second check on pressure regulators, on the depth gauges, on the underwater wristwatches — ‘Rolex Oysters’ they're called for the ability to stand tremendous undersea pressures. Time is vital since each tank is equivalent to just 30 minutes under water. But 10 minutes of this must be saved for the trip back to surface as the diver gradually depressurizes...

“Hunters of the Deep” tracks several oceanographers and geologists during their intrepid explorations of the deep sea around the coast of Southern California and Mexico. The 1-hour-4-minute full feature can be watched on most streaming services including YouTube.

Jake's Take

Our Captain Danny surprised me with his brilliant story seen above based upon superb detective work done by Nick Gould. When I shared the article with Nick Gould he responded by saying: "You know how I found that documentary? This ad. See No.6 😉" Nick also quipped "The interesting thing is in 54 was advertised as the Frogman. Then in 55 was Skindiver."

Since the subject of the movie was from 1954, it naturally made me think about an article I posted earlier this month, which seems to be perfectly on-point. Thus I added it below:


The Hunt For The Earliest Submariner Ad

1954 Rolex Submariner Ad

If you are a regular reader of Jake's Rolex World, you know I am working a series of books that cover the entire history of Rolex. One of the subjects I cover in great detail in the books is the genesis of the Rolex Submariner which remains one of the most icon watches in history. In particular, I am fascinated with the really early Rolex Submariner advertisements. 

Above we see a very early ad that was originally published in the Tampa Morning Tribune on November 25, 1954, and it is filled with all kinds of fascinating detail, including the fact the first Rolex Submariner retailed for $150!?!?!?!

Also, we see the correct pronunciation of "Sub-Marine", which means the model was correctly pronounced Sub-Marine-er. Below is the upcoming book cover of the volume that goes into great detail on the origins of the Rolex Submariner: