Saturday, April 29, 2017

Rolex Moonphase Stainless Steel Triple Date Coverage

Rolex Moonphase 

Stainless Steel Triple Date Coverage

Cara Barrett from recently posted a story on one of the coolest Rolex watches ever made, which is a Reference 6062 Triple Date Moonphase. If you are a reader of Jake's Rolex World, you know I have been a huge fan of the Rolex Reference 6062 and 8171 for decades. Cara's fascinating story covers a very rare 6062 that is coming up for auction soon at Phillips Auction which is scheduled to take place on May 13 and 14th in Geneva, and features this magnificent and rare beauty. 

On of my favorite parts of Cara's story, is the wrist shot photo above, because it is extremely rare to see photos of a 6062 on the wrist. Most photos of the 6062 are studio shots that give you no real sense of size and scale, yet this photo perfectly captures the scale and beauty of this watch. There are many, many people, including myself that keep urging Rolex to bring this watch model back to life. At BaselWorld this year, Rolex introduced its first new Moonphase in a half-century, but I want to make the distinction, that as nice as the new Rolex Moonphase may be, what I think people really want is for Rolex to bring back the triple date Moonphase.
The all new for 2017 Rolex Cellini Moonphase is pictured above, and it features a date function, as well as phases of the moon, but I think it would benefit from triple date complications, as well as having an Oyster case.  I also think it would look better if it featured dauphin hands, as apposed to leaf hands, despite the fact the classic stainless steel Rolex 6062 Reference above also has leaf hands. I just think Dauphin hands are the most timeless, elegant, and classic hands ever made. In the future, I plan to do a review of this all-new Rolex Cellini dress watch, where I will go into detail on all of its characteristics. It is also great to see Rolex headed back into their heritage with their future facing design language, as I have been arguing for a decade, that Rolex future is in its rich past.

Friday, April 28, 2017

SUBMARINER: Timepiece Of Inner Space


Timepiece Of Inner Space

I have been working on another update to my coverage of Rolex's all-new SEA-DWELLER, which is part of Chapter 19, in my story named "The Complete History Of The Rolex Submariner & SEA-DWELLER: Rolex Conquest Of The Ocean." The photos below are of a Rolex Submariner brochure from the early 1970s, that fascinatingly refers to the Rolex Submariner as "Timepiece of inner space." Inner Space is an antithetical metaphor to Outer Space.

If you look closely at the inside of the Rolex brochure pictured below, you will notice it features a classic stainless steel Single-Red Rolex Date Submariner [Reference 1680] with Maxi Markers. Notice it does NOT feature solid end links, but the yellow gold version next to it does feature solid end links (SEL). Also notice the yellow gold Rolex Submariner dial features "Nipple" Indices, which feature matching yellow gold surrounds, and are much smaller than the classic "Maxi" Indices, which are also commonly referred to as "Maxi Markers." Modern Submariner indices, or markers, evolved from these models, so today the 2017 Submariner has Maxi Markers, with white gold surrounds. 

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Rolex GMT-Master Sky High A Digital Postcard From The Gobi Desert

...Rolex Airplane Shot Of The Day...

Rolex GMT-Master Sky High
A Digital Postcard From The Gobi Desert

I am less than two weeks away from entering my 10th years of publishing Jake's Rolex World, which is really exciting!!! One of the most unusual aspects that I never expected, is how many love letters I get from dudes!?!! Telling my they are fans of my work product...The image landed in my inbox today, from Ferdinand who said:

Hi Jake,

Big fan of your site. Currently flying over the Gobi desert, enjoying your recent stories via inflight wifi on the Sea-Dweller while my Pepsi 16710 has a rest from the recent travels in China.

Keep up the great work, lot of friends are enjoying it.

Best regards, 

Well, I want to begin by thanking Ferdinand fro sending-in shuch a great photo! FWIW, I have spend a lot of time on long airplane flights, tripping on the Rolex watch I as I understand your perspective perfectly...and what a perfect place to enjoy reading my recent coverage of the history of the Rolex SEA-DWELLER!!!

The Gobi Desert is located in northern and northwestern China, and also covers southern Mongolia.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Olivia Palermo Rolex In The City

...Rolex Hotness...

Olivia Palermo

Rolex In The City

Olivia Palerma is a model, blogger, actress and fashion leader. She is gorgeous, as we see in the photos below, and this first one shows her sporting a yellow gold Rolex Lady-Date on a President Bracelet with her black Hermès Birkin Bag.

This next photo shows Olivia sporting a white gold Rolex Daytona on a Honey Rust colored Crocodile strap. 

In this next photo we see Olivia Palermo hailing a cab in New York City, and she is wearing a 26MM Yellow Gold Rolex Lady-Date, on a President Bracelet. 

Friday, April 21, 2017

Rolex Hotness: Dr. Sylvia Earle...

I have some fantastic news to share with you!!! Rolex just published a new #EveryRolexTellsAStory on their official Rolex Instagram account, that features the veneralbe Dr. Sylvia Earle, and it can be seen below:

On Rolex's Every Rolex Tells A Story microsite, they just published these videos on Dr. Sylvia Earle's Rolex microsite, which are AMAZING!!!!

Below is a the original story I published on Dr. Sylvia Earle, and I also covered her involvement as the first female Aquanaut in Part 5 of my story about the all-new Single Red SEA-DWELLER.

The Complete History Of
The Rolex Submariner & SEA-DWELLER
Rolex's Conquest Of The Ocean

Part 13: Dr. Sylvia Earle

The First Female Aquanaut

Dr. Sylvia Earle is a DEEP-SEA Pioneer with a list of career innovation and achievement that is mind-blowing. Her amazing career spans 64 years since she first began SCUBA diving back in 1953.

"The more we know, the more we realize there is to know."

—Dr. Sylvia Earle

Dr. Sylvia Earle is a National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence and she has many nicknames including "Her Deepness", "The Sturgeon General" and "The Aquanette." You can learn much more about her current work by visiting her Mission Blue Sylvia Earle Alliance website, which is fascinating.

I Am Woman Hear Me Roar
In Numbers Too Big To Ignore

Dr. Sylvia Earle was on the 1970 NASA Tektite II Expedition and she is pictured below on the far left, along with her "Aquanette" team-members. Sylvia was really part of the first generation of divers that allowed a woman to do anything a man could.

Dr. Sylvia Earl in many ways is the living personification of the 1971 mega hit song, "I Am Woman" by Australian superstar singer Helen Reddy, which I remember listening to in my childhood. Grammy winner, Helen Reddy's signature song, "I Am Woman", became an international anthem for the Women's Rights Movement in the early 1970s:

Dr. Sylvia Earle is pictured below in the 1970s diving with "Sandy" the dolphin in the Bahamas.

In the photo below we see Dr. Sylvia swimming with a whale shark.

Dr. Silvia Earle is much more than an Aquanaut. She is a pioneering oceanographer, Botanist and Marine Biologist. She can see below as she prepares to dive in one of Dr. Phil Nuytten's innovate diving suits that allows the diver to remain unsaturated.

Dr. Sylvia Earle has appeared in many Rolex ads over the years including the three below. This first one from 2005 has a great tagline of "Job Description: SAVE THE PLANET."

Dr. Sylvia Earle is an amazing woman of incredible achievement and we will explore her history in her upcoming story and I hope to do a podcast interview with her as well. In the recent photo below we see her wearing a ladies Rolex on a President bracelet.

Aquanaut Dr. Sylvia Earle
How To Protect the Blue Heart of the Planet
TED PRIZE Winner for 2009

Rolex is an official sponsor of the amazing 2009 TED Talks and in this video, scientist and aquanaut, Dr. Sylvia Earle–who is an amazing Rolex Explorer–recently gave this incredibly insightful & inspiring 2009 TED PRIZE-winning speech:

Dr. Sylvia Earl is pictured below with the greatest explorer that ever lived—Jacques-Yves Cousteau.

Dr. Sylvia Earl is pictured below with they President Obama in 2016 in Hawaii. Notice she is wearing a 36MM Rolex Day-Date. Sylvia Earle has a fascinating Twitter feed you should check out and follow to keep up with her amazing exploration.

The Complete History Of
The Rolex Submariner & SEA-DWELLER
Rolex's Conquest Of The Ocean

Table Of Contents

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Jacques-Yves Cousteau National Geographic Magazine July 1954 Cover

...In Search of..

Jacques-Yves Cousteau

National Geographic Magazine

July 1954 Cover

In my personal opinion, Jacques-Yves Cousteau is the greatest explorer that ever lived. In my recent Chapter 19 of my story titled, "The Complete History Of The Rolex Submariner & SEA-DWELLER: Rolex's Conquest Of The Ocean", I expressed my opinion that Rolex named both the Submariner and SEA-DWELLER after Jacques Cousteau. I have been conducting a great deal of research lately into this subject, and I snapped the photo below of what is probably The Seminal Rolex History issue of National Geographic Magazine.

The July 1954 issue of Nat Geo Magazine features the Rolex advertisement for the Original DEEP-SEA Special on page 7. If you look closely at the cover, you will see this issue covers the "Triumph on Everest", written by Sir John Hunt, and Sire Edmund Hillary." I learned a lot from this story, and plan to cover it in the future on Jake's Rolex World. 

The most interesting story in this issue is seen further down the cover, which includes a story written by Captain J. Y. Cousteau himself, named, "To the Depths Of The Sea by Bathyscaphe." In this story Jacques Cousteau tells his Submariner story of taking the F.R.N.S. 3 Submarine down 4000 feet in late 1953. 

As a historian, it blows my mind that Jacques Cousteau achieved so many amazing things in his life, yet it seems like the world almost completely forgot about him. In other words, as of today my writing on Cousteau is the single largest repository on his lifetime achievements on the web, which is strange to my way of thinking. There is no real documentary about his career, and no modern book that covers his outstanding achievements. I find this to be really weird, as I grew up as a small child watching his amazing "Underwater World Of Jacques Cousteau." Watching his show awakened the Spirit of Inquiry that let me to start publishing Jake's Rolex World. I know there are so many people around the world, both younger and older than me who grew up watching Jacques Cousteau on TV on Sunday evenings, so he is very much a part of the collective human conscience, yet he seems like a ghost, as he has sadly been forgotten by the modern world.

That being said, I am hellbent on making certain he is not sadly forgotten. I plan to expand my coverage of his lifetime work in the future in the way he deserves. In the photo above, which I recently published, we see Jacques Cousteau wearing and testing a Rolex Submariner prototype. I was digging through my archives and stumbled upon this next photo that shows Jacques Cousteau wearing a white gold or platinum Day-Date on a strap, which is very cool.